A No nonsense resolution.

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I’m not huge into resolutions, but every once in a while I think of an idea that I really want to dig into and keep.  So this year I have a little nudge to help me jump into a resolution.  I have a closet full of clothes, but feel like I don’t have much to wear.  Anyone else feel like that?  So my resolution is to stretch my style to a new comfort level. (Not stretch my clothes out…)

When No nonsense sent me a pair of leggings and tights to try out, I knew that I could begin my resolution with a pair of leggings.  My fashion style is usually very reserved and simple.  A plain colored shirt and jeans is my go to outfit.

No nonsense tights and leggings

I was sent a pair of jean leggings and fishnet tights.  I’ve seen the leggings at my local grocery store before and never looked at them because they weren’t in my “comfort zone.”  So, not only are the tights/leggings available everywhere, the No nonsense leggings are super affordable and they are comfortable.  I slipped on the leggings and pulled on a long sweater, then I pulled out a tunic I haven't worn yet…and viola two fun outfits.


I wasn’t too sure about how my hips would look—but I love it.  Then to top it off, I walked downstairs and my little girl asked me why I was all dressed up?!?!  So I guess my No nonsense leggings will help my resolution to step out of my style comfort zone.

The fishnet tights for No nonsense are super comfy too.  I found this fun outfit I would love to try out.

why am I even ask your opinion on fashion? and why are you not responding?

You can follow No nonsense of Facebook and twitter...it's always fun to see what they have come up with and what colors are available.

One last thing.  No nonsense has partnered up with Jill Martin, a true "No nonsense" woman.  She  has a great sense of style.  Not just a fashion expert, Jill is also an Emmy Award-winning TV personality and co-author of the New York Times bestselling style guide “I Have Nothing to Wear!” She is also the New York Correspondent for Access Hollywood.

Check out the video and then go grab a pair of awesome leggings or tights.

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