My Word...

The idea of having a word of the year has always been intriguing to me.  A word to help define goals and activities for the year.  Last year was a very eventful year for our family, so maybe eventful would have been a good word for last year.  But this year I have had my word picked out for some time.
I feel like time is slipping away sometimes.  I love having my little ones close by me and want them to know they are loved unconditionally, here in my arms.  So this year my word is deliberate.  I want my family to know that my actions and choices this year are deliberate--I want them to know that I've done the little things on purpose.  I've made a choice to be with my family more and outside influences less.  I want them to remember me WITH them, not sitting at a computer BY them.

Yes, I know January is half way over, but I have been deliberately spending more time with my kiddos.  Don't worry I've been crafting away too, so once I can get the pictures off my computer that decided to crash I will share some things I gifted for Christmas.

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