DIY Towel Bibs

My hubby's cousin just had her baby last week-he's a cutie too.  For her baby shower I made some towel bibs.  I have made these before and have had lots of people tell me they were their favorite bibs.

Want to know how to make your own towel bibs?
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Find some good towels.  When the dish towels are on sale at Costco I buy a pack or two, if I like the colors.  Avoid the microfiber towels.  I made a set out the microfiber once and it drives me crazy-every piece of lint sticks to it.  I used an old plate to determine how big I wanted the circle to be.
Fold the towel in half and either use the plate ore make a half circle to mark and cut a hole.
You want a little room in the back so the shoulders are covered too.
Cut all the towels out at once.  This project is easier to do in stages if you are making more than one.
Cut out ribbed knit.  The first bib I made has a loose neck.  I cut off more fabric from the other necks before sewing them to make them a little tighter.
 Serge or sew the neck together-making it one continuous piece.
Mark the middle and ends with pins.
Mark the middle of the circle, fold in half the other way and mark the other middles (four pins total)
Match the pins up on the neck with the pins on the towel.
Sew with a sewing machine.
Finish off the edge, serge or zig-zag.  It is important to finish off this edge because it will get a lot of use.
These really are useful bibs.  They cover a large area and are easy to get on and off.
Make some up for your house or as a gift-easy to make and fun to give.


  1. LOVE this idea. I need to make more bibs. My daughter loves the ones with a stretchy neck, because she can put it on herself. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. This is just what I'm looking for! Can I ask the size plate and the size of ribbing you used? Thank You!

  3. What size plate did you use?

  4. This is probably the simplest way in making some cute bibs. The steps are very easy to follow and only the neck's hole needs to be cut and sew. I heard that dish towels are really good in terms of making a some towel bibs. Well, I have tried those microfiber towels and like what you have experienced with them, it also happens to me. Great Job! Thank you for this one.

  5. I used to make these bibs 30 years ago for my own children. They are wonderful, absorbent, and will protect the most special outfit until just before the big event - think photo shoots. I am so glad these are still being made - they beat anything sold in stores. I used a 5" circular plastic container lid. You can always cut the opening bigger before you sew on the ribbing. You can cut the hole and and try it on for size before completing the bib. I'm making them now for my grandchildren!


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