Stress Relief

After sewing the I-Spy quilt all week long I needed something different to sew.  One of my friends gave me a bag of t-shirts that weren't being used.  They were very nice t-shirts just too small for me.  I put them to use and made my daughter and her friend skirts from this pattern.
So simple and fun
They loved having almost matching skirts.  My little girl has worn the skirt all weekend--her new favorite color is purple--huge deal because everything had to be pink before the sudden change.


Special I-Spy Quilt

My neighbor and friend is moving today.  Her little boy is the same age as my little girl.  In fact we did preschool together.  She says she is always amazed with my sewing abilities--but I am even more amazed with her photography and awesome activities she always does with her kids. 
Last Saturday I had this idea pop into my head--make them an I-Spy quilt before they leave.  I started organizing the fabric and had another idea pop in--why not include some photos of her family friends and other neighbors.  After a trip to the local craft store I had this in my hands and started downloading and printing pictures. 
Starting Monday I started sewing, after preschool graduation on Tuesday I had most of the blocks put together.  Wednesday the quilt top was done.  Thursday I spent most of the day bent over the machine quilting.  I finished the binding right before a meeting I needed to attend at 7pm.  After the meeting I ran the quilt over to her and wish that I had a picture of her reaction.
This was definitely a labor of love--but worth it all.  We will miss our neighbors, but know they will be loving the new house and lush green forests in Oregon.
Same measurements as my previous I-Spy Quilt
The squares in the middles are the same fabric as the binding.  My hubby thinks the squares should be centered in the middle.
Here's a close-up of the pictures in the middle of a block
I loved this quilt.  My only complaint was that as I was pinning the layers together my kids decided it was a great place to play tag--after I quilted it I realized that there was a lot of puckering on the back--hopefully they won't be looking at the back too much.


I-Spy 2 Update

I am waiting on just a few more swappers.  Packages should be mailed out by Friday or Saturday.  Here are some more fabrics-
Love the dogs & fans
The red is catching my eye, the jacks and baseballs are classic
Dinosaurs & horses--my little guy kept helping me arrange these.  My daughter liked the "pink violin"
Moda moda moda & cupcakes! Oh, my!


2 More I-Spy Collections

When the fabrics arrive I like to think of them as little collections.  The person sending them took the time to pick out each fabric-- here are two more.

Bananas & zippers--love these fabrics
Horseshoes, cheerleaders & volleyballs!


I-Spy 2 Fabric

Here is some more fabric from our swap.  I should have everything mailed out by the end of the week.
 Love the crabs and fireflies, thank you Karie for sending it.

Fostermomma sent this great fabric.  Love the aprons and lemons.
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