Zig-Zag Quilt Complete

As I was laying in bed yesterday morning contemplating the things I needed to get done before going to church our phone ran.  A phone ringing before 7am on Sunday usually means an emergency.  When my husband answered the phone said--"Yep, I figured," I was intrigued.  He hung up and said church was canceled.  What?!?!
When I went to bed at 11 there was only three inches of snow and it wasn't snowing.  When we got the phone call the next morning we had 18 inches!  So we called everyone we knew and told them the crazy news.  Then we had a delicious un-hurried breakfast of blueberry pancakes and fruit smoothies.  Then we headed outside to shovel the stuff.  (As a side note I miss the days when we lived in Phoenix and people would always say--remember you can't shovel sunshine.)  We cleared off most of the driveway and I headed inside to check on the kids, some mommy part of me just couldn't leave an 18 month and a 3 year old in a house alone for very long.  I wanted them to experience the snow too--so we bundled and bundled and bundled.  I improvised for my little ones gloves--I just don't see a purpose in buying an 18 monther gloves--so we used ziploc bags covered in socks...waterproof and warm.

They had so much fun outside--they were ready to come in before we were.  I didn't help shovel so much once they kiddos were out there, we of course had to make a snowman family.  We were able to meet all of our neighbors, which sounds pathetic, but we have only lived in our house for 10 months--and my little guy likes to run into the middle of the street.  So we try not to go out into the front yard too much.
After all the cold we spent the rest of the day inside.  Once the little guy went down for a nap I pulled out some of my projects in progress.

So with all of that introduction here is the zig-zag quilt that I finally finished.  I wanted my mother-in-law to have a nice blanket for the babies when they came to visit.  Not too small, or lightweight or heavy.  And just to be used at her house.  I'm not a big fan of the pink, but I had it and I used it, so my bank account part of my brain was very pleased.  And my daughter, who loves pink, likes the pink part of the quilt the best.

The back of the quilt has pictures of little boys and girls.

It might make you dizzy--this was a fun quilt to work on.  Here is where I found the pattern.
So one project down--and I have to tell myself not to go out and find a new project.  I am really trying to finish the many projects I have going on right now.


My first attempt at the 90-Minute Shirt

When Dana posted about the 90 minute shirt I was intrigued, my little ones seem to be on the tall side.  I have a hard time finding shirts that are long enough--but narrow enough for their shoulders.  So, while my little one took a nap I made a shirt for my oldest.  Now I am really excited to make some more for my little guy.
I used one of my old pink shirts. 

There wasn't enough material to do a long sleeve, so I used the long sleeves from another old shirt and made them her size (she didn't want the camera to flash, so she covered her face)

The white ribbing is from the shirt I got the sleeves from.  So easy, and she loves it!


Don't be "bummed" for Valentines Day

I am off to a baby shower tonight, and am really excited about the gift I am giving.  This is my friends second child, but first girl.  She asked for diapers and wipes, and because I thought that a girl always needs accessories I am not giving diapers or wipes.  Instead I am giving her bloomers.  The pattern I found was simple, and allowed for lots of fun trimmings.
I love the red heart and the silky pink bloomers.

Every girl needs a basic white go to bloomer.

Inspired by the fast approaching holiday--wouldn't these be fun to have your little girl wear on Sunday?

Silky with a bit of ruffle--and of course pink!


Yeah for Me

Last week while I was at the fabric store I finally got the rest of the material for my quilt binding.  It was a good thing that I decided to stop procrastinating, because the red fabric that I needed was in the end of the bolt pile.  Thank goodness there was enough for what I needed.  So, here it is, one more WIP complete~
Love the swirling pattern of the quilting
It's not too heavy, because I split up the denim.

Front and back view

The red binding.

Thank you mom for helping with ideas.  And thanks to my in-laws who brought it back and forth from Utah so I didn't have to pay for shipping.


It's February

Happy February 1st!  I love holidays, especially now that I have little ones who seem to bring the magic to any day.  We've been working on Valentine's Day boxes for preschool.  This will be our first "school" related party, and my oldest monkey is excited. 
For Christmas this year our decorations were scarce.  My little boy, who we have come to call "Hulk" was a little too curious to warrant anything on tables, shelves or ornaments on the tree.  So now that he is getting into his toys I wanted to do some decorating for Valentine's Day.  So, enough rambling on--here is a craft that you can do.

I took my super cheap muslin ($.59 a yard) traced hearts and people.  Stack the shapes, each object has 4-5 layers of fabric.  The hearts have a red fabric on either side, the people are just muslin.  Then sew around the edge of the people,  and around the hearts.  To make the hearts stiffer I quilted different patterns in each heart.  Not too complicated, but fun.  Then I made a chain of hearts and people and pinned it up to my less than thrilling mantle. 

This would be a good project to have kids help with.  They would be good and making the pattern of people and hearts.

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