Quiet Book-a look back and an announcement

One of my projects on my list has always been a quiet book.  I loved the one my mom had for us, and I was always jealous that my sister got to make one in 4-H.  I finally got it together and have decided to make two quiet books-a boy version and a girl version.  For the month of February I will be posting every weekday and sharing how and what I did for each page.  
The books each have 20 pages, some of the pages will have the same things on them-but just different versions (for a boy and a girl.)  My plan is to post the versions separately-so it will be easier to find them later.  
To get you excited I wanted to show you the quiet book that we got to play with when we were little.  I think my mom played with it when she was little too.
 It snaps together on top and bottom to keep everything in place


Growth Chart Ruler

When my hubby and I were looking at homes a few years back I remember walking into a home and felt like I was walking into a pottery barn catalog.  Everything was coordinated and organized in cute baskets and bins.  It was fun to look at but probably the reason they were staring at foreclosing.  When I saw the growth chart ruler at pottery barn I knew that I could never afford it and that I could make it.  So I did clipped it from a catalog and put it in my dream binder--you know the things you did before pinterest.
My father-in-law always says it is easier to make more of one project at the same time.  Processes turn into assembly lines and when you make a mess you usually only have to clean it up once.  So I convinced the hubby once again to help me with this project.  It ended up being a Christmas present for one of his brothers.  I did a few things differently than others in blogdom.  
 First I started my 1 foot mark as the first mark-so this mark is 2 inches long.  The smaller marks are 1 inch long.  My hubby is 6'5" and I am 5'10"  we have tall kids, and I didn't want to run out of room at the top.
This growth chart goes to 6'11"--if my kids go past that then they are going to be giants.  I had the hubs stain it, and I painted the lines and the numbers by hand.  The lines aren't perfectly straight-but you don't notice until you are really close.  I also flipped the numbers so they are not horizontal, this was just a personal preference.  We used a pine board, I think it cost around $6.  If I remember correctly, my hubby used a mixture of 1/2 mineral spirits and 1/2 polyurethane to put on as a finish.  I used a permanent marker to mark the date and name of the child's height.


I guess I should tell you...

Did you notice that my posts were a little lacking in October and November?  I guess I brought it on myself really, how you ask?  Well, over the last year I have noticed so many people have been having baby's and their blog seems to just drop off for a few months and then comes back after their first trimester.  The only two that completely pulled it off were Katy from No Big Dill and Dana from MADE.

So if you haven't figured it out yet I am pregnant and completely dropped off the planet during October and November.  I wasn't expecting to, but like I said I brought in on myself.  I would read the blogs of those who were expecting and apologizing for not having energy or the gumption to sit up and craft or sew or even type and I would think to myself--really people just get up and do something.  Silly me--why would I think that?  

I thought this pregnancy would be a little more like my last one--not much morning sickness just an overwhelming desire to eat.  Nope, no such luck this time.  Pretty much from the moment of conception my body was nauseous.  No cravings,  just complete aversion to food, no energy and lots to do.  So blogging kind of got pushed to the back burner, and I became a cliche.  

On Tuesday we found out what we are having.  We are so excited and are expecting our pink bundle of joy in June.  So to all of you with morning sickness and no energy to do much send me and email and I would love to do a guest post for you.

And here's a picture of me at 19 weeks...
It's hard to believe there is a baby in there sometimes, especially when I barely have a bump.  I guess having a really long torso has some perks.



My hubby loves Chipotle--I mean whenever we are near one we stop for our fix.  The only problem is that there is not one near us.  We have to either drive 8 hours south or over a state line to fine one.  For my hubby's birthday I searched the internet for chiptole recipes and came up with a few.  I surprised him with a full chipotle meal.  I did forget the beans--but nobody seemed to notice.  I contacted Chipotle looking for a t-shirt, they always have the funniest shirts....but my luck would be that they are changing venders so don't offer shirts at the moment.  So I had to be creative and make my own....
Enter the burritio
 and my new favorite craft supply
Put it on a white shirt and viola!
After all the guests left the party my hubby reminded me that the shirt actually should say "Life is Burritoful"  So the next day I added "Life Is."
So the shirt looks like this now...
He loves the shirt and it looks so cool.


Walgreens Helps Out

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walgreens. All opinions are 100% mine.

When I told my hubby that Walgreens was no longer accepting Express Scripts he said it was about time.  To give you a little background my hubby works in the healthcare industry and understands a little more behind the scenes than the average person.  So, he wasn't surprised that they cut ties, but he knew that a lot of people would be affected by the breakup.

Walgreens understands that their costumers aren't made of money, and any insurance is usually better than none.  So they are offering a special discount.

Special Discount Includes:

-Discount on annual membership for it's Prescription Savings Club. Read about it here (Prescription Savings Club at Walgreens)  $10 a year for a family membership, it covers everyone in your immediate family, including a spouse, dependents 22 and younger and pets.  Individuals may join for just $5 a year.

-Savings on more than 8,000 brand-name and ALL generic medications

-Discounts on flu shots, pet prescriptions, nebulizers and diabetic supplies.

-Bonuses when you purchase Walgreens brand products and photofinishing services.

It is a great offer, and if you are like me and shop at Walgreens for more than just prescriptions you could really save with this membership.

You too can support Walgreens and stay updated by liking them on Facebook (Walgreens on Facebook.) Or following them on Twitter (Walgreens on Twitter.)

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Ready for 2012

Now that the end of January is around the corner and Superbowl frenzy is starting to permeate all the stores I thought I would share what I am doing to keep my papers organized this year.
Normally I stack all my bills, EOB's, car repair statements, bank statements and any other paper that I think needs to be filled.  I stack all of these papers in my office and eventually the stack gets several inches high and just looking the stack, knowing that I need to file it makes it seem too overwhelming.  So this year I have taken a different approach.
I saw this idea on pinterest, and I didn't pin it--and now I can't find the source.
I have folders for Utilities, Medical, Dental, Paystubs, School, Each member of the family, Car (anything-insurance or repairs) and Misc.  Each member of the family has their first initial on it (we don't have any repeating letters in our family)
So far it has kept the counter completely free.  And I showed my hubby the system and he even put papers away without it touching the counter.
I have been searching blogdom for some organizational helps and found one person did a similar concept, but she bought a filing system that comes with a lid.  At the end of the year she writes the year on the outside of the box and puts the lid on and the filing is done.  My plan, if I like this system, is to buy those boxes for next year and file this years and begin next years in the better box.  Does that make sense?
The other thing that we have found that really helps is that the paper shredder is just to the right of this box.  So when we get junk mail or papers that need to be shredded they are shredded and not added to the stack of papers.
So now I can say I am ready for the year.


Dish Towel Skirt Tutorial

Do you remember these skirt from last year?

I was contacted by Instructable.com to enter into one of their contests.
I made a new tutorial for the dishtowel skirts...
 Check out the link here and VOTE for me please...


Drizzle Numbers

Do you blog-stalk anybody?  Well I do, Delia from Delia Creates always has great ideas and beautiful pictures.  A little while ago she posted about making chocolate drizzles to spruce up any dessert.  So for my hubby's birthday last week I decided to use her tips and make something for the top of his cake.  
Delia said in her post if you are going to make numbers of letters to make sure they are thicker.  So this is what I did.
On parchment paper I drew out a 3 & 5.  I made block letters with the melted chocolate.  Oh yes, and I melted my chocolate IN the ziploc bag, 30 seconds at a time in the microwave so it didn't get too hot.
I put the numbers in the fridge and let them set.  Then I pulled them out, flipped them over and put a second coat of chocolate so they were extra thick.  Right before serving the cake I put the numbers in the cake.
Just don't put the candles too close to the numbers-the five melted in half during the birthday song.


CTR Towels

I found this tutorial and made these towels for all those children turning 8 at my church this year.


Paper Straw Wreath

Happy New Year!  We are excited for new things happening around here, and are always amazed at how quickly time seems to go.  To welcome in the new year I made a new wreath for our front door.  My mom, once again, sent me all the supplies and instructions.
Here's a little hint.

You can find the instructions in this magazine, or online here.
The instructions are very easy to follow, and this project should take you no more than 30-45 minutes.
I didn't have the gumption to go to a store this soon after Christmas, so I made my own 6" flat wreath form.  You know those compasses we used in Geometry class years ago-get that out and set it to 3" and you have your outside ring.  Move it to 2.25" and you have the inside ring.  I'm sure most of you have some leftover boxes right now.
Next I traced the form on white paper and made a cover for the form.
Then I glued the cover on.
You will need a box of paper straws-you will not be using the entire box.
Add the first row of straws.  Think of the minute marks on a clock as you are placing the straws.  Keep the inside edge of the straw flush with the edge of the wreath form.
Add row two.
I didn't like the look of just three rows so I used the cut-off pieces to add a forth row.  I alternated shorter and longer until the gaps were fill in.
It isn't as big as you think it will be, but adds a nice burst of color to the door.
I like the look of all the rows of straws.  I might have to get some blue and white straws for football season.
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