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Patriotic Paint Chip Wreath

During spring break my parents came in to town. My dad helped my hubby put in a tree ring--a fun project that required several trips to Home Depot...during a late night run they found that they were clearing out an entire section of paint chips. My little brother has used these in his artwork, so my dad loaded up tons of paint chips. By tons I mean he filled the trunk of his car. Before they left I filled a garbage bag full of chips...
I wanted to make a new wreath for the 4th and had a fun idea.
 I pulled out the red, white, and blue chips
 Traced and cut stars out of each one.
 Lots and lots of cutting.
 While watching some tv, I folded each star for a 3D look.
Then I pulled out my summer wreath from two years ago.
I used a glue gun and just glued to the crepe paper.
 Isn't it festive?
Happy Independence Day!


Whip it Up Wednesday...Bread & Jam

While looking at some pictures from this last weekend I found one of our off-track adventures.
 We spent the afternoon making some yummy bread-actually I did this, because the recipe is so simple and doesn't require kneading by hand.
 While the bread was in the rising and in the oven the kids helped me hull the strawberries for the jam. The 7 year old got the real knife. 
 My four year old used the strawberry huller.
This was so yummy. We delivered bread and jam to a neighbor, our piano teacher and a best friend. Everyone said it was yummy-even if the jam never set up.


Coastal.com...Affordable Family Eyewear

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Coastal.com for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Up until about three years ago I was the only one in my family who need glasses/contacts. My vision is not horrible, but I need a little help. When my hubby started complaining about headaches we set him up to see an optomitrist...he now wears glasses too. Now we both need a new pair of glasses, but finding the time to pick out glasses just isn't happening any time soon. 

Let me introduce you to Coastal.com. Coastal.com has become the largest online retailer of eyeglasses and contact lenses in North America. You can pick out your glasses online and have them sent to your home or work.

Here are some great points about Coastal.com

-Free Shipping

-Super fast delivery-because they own their own lab and ship from Washington (not overseas)

-366 day returns

-Great Prices

-Coastal.com offers sunglasses, eyeglasses, & contact lenses

I looked through the website and was thoroughly empressed by the selection and the prices. First I looked for me. I need to have nosepads, prefer rectangular shape and like a little color on the frames. During the day I usually wear contacts, so I like my glasses to have a little flare.

What do you think? Here's another great feature about Coastal.com, you can "try on" the glasses on a face. There are several different faces to choose from---or you can upload your own image! Isn't that great?

Once I found a pair for me I looked for my hubs. 

You can enter in the lens width, bridge width, and arm length that you need-so my big&tall hubs can find glasses that will actually fit.

Then, just for fun I looked for my little girl...

Pink and adorable, that pretty much somes up my little girl. 

Our family will be trying out Coastal.com for our next spectacle adventure.

You can also "like" Coastal.com on facebook.

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