Here's the backstory: Last year while visiting my family in Utah we stumbled upon our dream table. It's a beast, without any leaves it measures 60x60, with two leaves it is almost 100 inches wide. It didn't come with chairs, so I've been looking around- a lot!
My original cheap plan was to scour thrift stores and find different chairs, then just paint them all the same color. I found a cute wooden high chair in my months of searching, but nothing else worth buying.
When my hubby was gone for a week at scout camp I braved World Market with three kiddos in tow. I was actually looking for a neutral rug to replace the one on my living room.  So we looked around the store and saw lots of fun things. They were clearanc-ing their outdoor furniture, it was 75% off. I looked around just in case there were chairs I might like...
These chairs were 75% off making them $25 each.
I grabbed the four they had in stock, with a coupon of course. I paid about $21 for each chair.
They only had the black chairs left. When I got home I was so giddy, I called the other store in town an found out they had a lot more for sale.
After dinner we piled in the car again. I bought six more to make it an even ten!
With all the discounts/coupons I paid about $210 for 10 chairs. They are sturdy, and once my hubby got home he actually likes the chairs too.


Diamond Pintucked Pillow

I have been enjoying this summer. Today we went to the lake for one last hurrah before school starts and the weather changes. Last week my hubs was gone to scout camp. I really wanted to make over my living room, but my budget didn't allow for everything I wanted to do.  So I bought some pillows and decided to make some new pillow covers.
Here's the first one I made.
 This was so therapeutic to sew row after row.  
Once school begins next week I will have a bit more time on my hands to write up a tutorial.

I've entered the post over at CSI
<a href="http://thecsiproject.com"><img class="aligncenter" src="http://thecsiproject.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/thecsiproject.com-logo-300.png" alt="Visit thecsiproject.com"></a>

I am working on several other pillow covers and can't wait to show them to you too.
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