Here's the backstory: Last year while visiting my family in Utah we stumbled upon our dream table. It's a beast, without any leaves it measures 60x60, with two leaves it is almost 100 inches wide. It didn't come with chairs, so I've been looking around- a lot!
My original cheap plan was to scour thrift stores and find different chairs, then just paint them all the same color. I found a cute wooden high chair in my months of searching, but nothing else worth buying.
When my hubby was gone for a week at scout camp I braved World Market with three kiddos in tow. I was actually looking for a neutral rug to replace the one on my living room.  So we looked around the store and saw lots of fun things. They were clearanc-ing their outdoor furniture, it was 75% off. I looked around just in case there were chairs I might like...
These chairs were 75% off making them $25 each.
I grabbed the four they had in stock, with a coupon of course. I paid about $21 for each chair.
They only had the black chairs left. When I got home I was so giddy, I called the other store in town an found out they had a lot more for sale.
After dinner we piled in the car again. I bought six more to make it an even ten!
With all the discounts/coupons I paid about $210 for 10 chairs. They are sturdy, and once my hubby got home he actually likes the chairs too.

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