Year End

The first thought that popped into my head when I had my first was that her birthday was on the last day of a quarter..in the business world she would be stressed out on her birthday.  As the last day of the year approaches I think of my time in the business world and don't miss the quarter ends or especially the year ends.  I enjoy my life as a SAHM.  When I go to the doctors office and need to write the date I have to ask, because my world is more a what day of the week is it-not what date is it.  I enjoy planning traditions and revolving my life around children, holidays and adventures.  This blog has been a fun adventure and this year has been full of creativity.

To sum up the year I would like to share the top three visited posts.

Reversible Tote from Bag Week
I get a lot of comments on this purse when I carry it around.  Hope you made one for yourself too.

Towel Kimono Cover Up
Still used in the middle of winter.  She wore this backstage at her dance recital to help keep her warm.

No-Sew Neck Scarf
Love this! 

Thank you for stopping by and leaving comments.  Who knew blogging would be so much fun.

In 2011 I look forward to a few more giveaways.  Finishing and starting a lot more projects.  And most importantly spending time with my family!



Sweater Refashion

 I loved this sweater during college.  It was warm and festive.  Now I feel frumpy in it and think that it makes me itch too much.

 I used a shirt to give me a general shape and size for my little girl. 
 Cut the shoulder seams at the top, and cut the front and back straight across. The front ended up being 3-4 inches higher than the back.
 Cut out an area for the arms.
 This is what it should look like after you are done cutting.
 Make some covered buttons.
 Making these took a little time, it was hard to fit all the knit under the back cover.
 Because I didn't cut the bottom edge I only needed to worry about the armpit and top edges.
 I added a pleat on the front and the back, once my little girl tried it on we needed to make the whole dress more fitted.  I also cut the straps from the sleeves, they are 2 1/2 inches wide.  The strap length was kept long until I had my princess tried it on and we fitted it just right.

Once again...



Bee Quilt

This was a project I made for my mom, we call her Grandma B.  When I saw the yellow bee fabric I knew that I had to make something for her from the grandchildren.
The quilt is a double Irish chain quilt, if you would like a pattern just Google it.

These are the two blocks I used, it really wasn't too hard.
 In each of the white spaces I embroidered and appliqued some things.  In one of the middle squares I drew this beehive out and had fun filling in the beehive entrance with french knots.  There are three blank spots, left open for future grandchildren.
 For the grandchildren that I didn't have a hand for I embroidered their name and left it blank.  My mom will either put their hand print in when she sees them next or will put a heart in instead.
 For the other grandchildren I had them write their names and traced it on to the fabric.  I loved how each name showed the age of each child.
The hand prints were great.  Every time I had the quilt laid out for measurements my children would run over to the quilt to find their hands and match them up.
This was another quilt made with love and I hope Grandma B loves it.


I'm a little busy

I have been sewing and crafting up a storm--but I can't show you.  
After Christmas I will fill you in on all my hard work. 
Until then...
Merry Christmas!


Love this Guy

My little brother is pretty awesome, he is very talented too.
He is always coming up with a cool way to use a medium that you might not ever think of.
Take this, for example...
Can you guess what he made it out of?
Any guesses?
That's right, a skateboard-a longboard to be more exact.
Check out the full post here.

While your on his blog take a look at his other artwork too.
He even has a letterpress and makes some amazing things.  This series is made out of paper sewn together.
Meet RobinWood--yes made out of wood.

Check out my brother, Colt Bowden--you will be delighted.


$2 Downeast Basics Manhattan Tote Knock-Off

 A few weeks ago I got the Down East Basics catalog in the mail, I don't live near a DEB store and so the internet and snail mail are the only way to get the goods.  Anyways, I saw this purse:
Yes, it's a pleated herringbone pattern, just like the one I made here.
Here's my version of the purse--using two dollar store dish towels.
 I would love to get some vinyl and make another version--a chunkier spill proof version.
Doesn't this look familiar?
My ruffle bag, from bag week
I love finding inspiration and making it for a fraction of the price.


$1 T-Shirt Capes

 Do you ever buy something without a project in mind? 
 I found these t-shirts on clearance for under a $1 and knew that I would find something to do with them.
My four and two year old's have been running around the house saying we are super hero's.  I was going to make a pattern and sew some cute fabric together, but as I went to my stash I found these shirts and knew exactly what I wanted to do.
Cut seams off the sides, at a slight angle.
Cut seam at shoulders.  This will make two capes, so really they are $.50 capes!
Cut sleeves in half, and cut off the top seam--you don't want the extra bulk at the shoulder seams.
Sew one piece to each shoulder.  You can either use a button or Velcro.  I opted for the Velcro because I didn't want it to be choking hazard.
 Add a letter of your choice.  This is an appliqued letter, zig-zagged around the edges.
 Using freezer paper stenciling I made this for my princess.
This is for my little monkey.  Both the "R" and the "Super" are painted, make sure your bottom layer is dry before you try to iron on more freezer paper.  Use a thin rag to cover any paint so it does not stick to your iron.
Put them on your kiddos and watch their imaginations soar.


Dollar Store Ornament Wreath

This is another one of those projects that I've had floating in my head for a bit.  
 I didn't want to make it until I knew that I could make it for a great price.  Yesterday I went to the dollar store and to Michael's.
I found these tubes of ornaments for $1--I know it's a dollar store.  I bought 7 of them, yes I used 84 ornaments--and I had 6 more ornaments that matched--So 90 ornaments total.
I bought the wreath at Michaels, technically it was free because I had a $5 gift card from my black Friday purchases.  If the Dollar Store had had the straw wreath I would have bought it there.
Wrap the wreath in a ribbon.  I almost stopped here because I think it looks so simple and beautiful.  But I didn't stop, I hot glued the ornaments on one by one.  This step obviously took the longest because I had to hold the ornaments on the sides so they would not fall off, until the glue set.  To make it look and lay better I took off the metal hook things on the top of each ornament.
 There are three different sizes of ornaments, all the same color though.  The monogrammed letter is made out of bells, this was purchased at Michael's--it was free for me because of the gift cards--it was only $2 or $3
I love the green door and the red wreath.

Dollar Store Ornament Wreath:

P.S. My hubby liked it too.


Black Friday Ads=Upcycled Paper Beads

I've seen these beads around the blog-o-sphere and when I went to through out my Black-Friday ads I noticed how colorful some of the ads were.  
This is from a Criket phone ad.
 Cut the ads into wedged strips, meaning one end is wider than the other.
 Roll on to a skewer or a dowel.  Do not roll to tightly.  Glue at the ends, and all around the outside without touching the wood.
 It should look like this when you are done.
 It doesn't take long for them to dry.  Once they are not too sticky slide them off the wood to finish drying.
 I like how some of the words peak out from the ad.
 This is what I was able to get from a two page ad.
 Isn't it cute?
 These rolls are from a Macy's add--all green and red.
Here is the finished bracelet once again.  Now go and up-cycle some of your Black Friday ads and make someone's day.
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