Tucked Herringbone Pillow

The pillows in my bedroom are in need of a makeover.  Two of them do not have covers--and one is "leaking" stuffing.  So when Caroline over at Atelier Caroline posted the tutorial on how to sew this pillow I was pretty excited and knew I wanted to try it out.

 I found some pillowcases on clearance at Target (half of what the price tag says.)  I used one of the pillowcases for this project.  First I cut off the side seams.  The bottom did not have a seam, I left it as one long piece of materail.  Starting at one end I measured just like the tutorial says to--with one exception.  Instead of making all of my lines the same distance apart I did some at 1.5 inches and some at 1.  I only did this on the horizontal lines.  The vertical lines were all 1.5 inches apart.  Next I used the rest of the pillowcase to make the new pillowcase.
 Can you see how some of the pleats are close together?
I did not press each pleat--because it is 100% cotton I didn't want it to be too rigid.
 While I was taking pictures I looked out the window and saw this.  The wind changed last night and the cold weather has arrived.
 This is not a hard project, just a little time consuming.
Doesn't it look nice on my bed?  Now I need to make another pillowcase for the other "caseless" pillow on my bed.


Ummu Noora said...

oh it's beautiful!
it does look very pretty on your bed!

saw you at mique's pity party..

oh and the photo from outside looks very nice to me.i love cold dark weather..its just so cozy idoors crafting!


Elizabeth said...

This is so pretty! Would love for you to link up to Made with Love Monday at Sew Chatty this week! http://sewchatty.blogspot.com/

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