SCARF WEEK...Project #3 Tube Scarf

Scarf #3-The Tube Scarf
 Using the same fabric from Scarf #2 I used the 17 inch wide strip I cut.

Right sides together, sew the long edges together.
Sew at least 1/2 seam allowance, you do not want the seams to fray with use.
Match right sides together of the short ends.  This part will be a little tricky because it will get tight as you sew the ends together.  Sew as much as you can, stop with 3-4 inches to sew.  Flip the edges in, you can iron the edges in if you feel like it, sew the edge closed.
Tada! A tube scarf.  I like a tube scarf because you aren't worried all day if one end is longer than the other.
 Here is what it looks like.
Or if you are going to be riding in a convertible  you could wear it like this.
If you want a variation twist the scarf.  Hold one end and twist with the other hand.  It may take a little trial and error to get the twisting down, but it's not too hard.
 Twisting it will make it a little smaller and thinner.
  If the scarf were longer you could wrap it around your neck once and have another loop hanging.  There are so many options with the scarf and hope you make one for yourself and a friend.

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