May Pole Wreath

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We had a little fun this morning with a special leprechaun visit. The kids were so excited to find the remnants of Lucky the Leprechaun.

Friday will be the first day of Spring. We haven't had much of a winter here, only two snow storms. We are ready to officially call it Spring-we would gladly welcome some Spring snow though. 

I wanted to put a springy wreath up on my front door. I have this spring wreath, but I wanted to try something new. First I searched for some inspiration. I found some fun ideas on Patience Brewster's website.  Check out these cute ornaments!  The bright colors got me thinking about spring.  

So here is my springy wreath:
 I call it my May Pole Wreath.  The idea of a may pole is so intriguing. By simply going around a pole and under and over people the ribbon is woven together in a fun pattern.
I covered a straw wreath with white satin ribbon. Then I added the colorful ribbon one layer at a time, starting in a different direction with every other layer.
 I pinned each end of the ribbons to start then had a long strand hang down.
It is bright and festive and brings a bit of spring to my front porch.


Circle Flying Geese Pillow

It's been a few months since my last post-whew family life is fun. My baby will be 1 in a few weeks! I've already weaned her and she is starting whole milk. Breast feeding ended up being so much more time intensive this time around than the last three babies. This baby is a slow eater-and she never sucked hard or long enough-so I had to pump after each feeding----then feed her a bottle. It was very time consuming. But it's over and I'm glad. I think I would miss it more if it hadn't been such a production for so many months.
With my new found time I am starting to create more! Here is a pillow cover I made:
 The white is from an old bed sheet, the blue is a scrap piece of fabric I found on my shelf. I love the pop of color. Just google circle flying geese and lots of free paper pieced patterns will pop up. I looked at several patterns and read the tutorials before starting. 
I need to go back and add another inch and a half around the edge, if I really want to pick out the entire outside seam. Easter is around the corner, I bought the material to make dresses and skirts for me and my three girls. 
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