Happy Halloween!

I love holidays! Especially with little ones around-they are just so much more magical.
The other day my oldest had their class Halloween/fall party. I was signed up to bring cupcakes. Normally I'm a make it from scratch-avoid any preservatives-kind of girl. But my time was so limited. I headed to the store and soon realized the amount I was spending on ingredients was too much...
 Yep-I bought the mini cupcakes from the bakery. The price was too good to pass up.
 I also snagged some fun eyes to make the cupcakes look more ghoulish.

 They were candy eyes-so completely edible.  And the kids loved them.

One more thing...

Oh Yeah!


Dropcloth Leaf Pillow

Fall is here. The leaves are stunning and we are enjoying the warm days and cool nights. To help bring some more fall into our home I whipped up this pillow for our living room.
My mom gave me a TON of orange corduroy, I've been thinking of lots of projects to use it on.
I found a clip-art of a maple leaf, then printed off and enlarged it as big as I needed it.  The pillow case needed to be at least 20 inches square.
For the main fabric I used washed drop cloth. Once the drop cloth is washed, it becomes very soft. I sprayed the corduroy with spray adhesive, then stitched it to the pillow case.  While watching a few shows I embroidered around the edges.
Happy Fall!
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