Miracle-Gro Expand 'n Gro

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Scotts®. All opinions are 100% mine.

When we bought our house several years ago the backyard was a patch of dirt.  When we finally got around to landscaping we were in for a surprise.  The hardest rockiest dirt we have ever seen.  Let's just say that we now have a granite lined flower bed for no additional cost.  When I was contacted by Scotts to write about their new Miracle-Gro Expand 'n Gro Concentrated Planting Mix I was very excited.  

My native soil is dry, hard and does not support much vegetation you consider sagebrush great vegetation.  To get anything to grow I have to amend the soil--and Miracle-Gro Expand 'n Gro Concentrated Planting Mix is the perfect solution.  Using the planting mix I will get up to 3X the flowers and vegetables!  Seriously-,my flowers and veggies are always overflowing because I use Miracle-Gro.  And with the extra wind and harsh winters around here I'm not worried about the nutrients getting washed out, the soil is improved for multiple years.

Now my favorite part.  The concentrated planting mix expands up to 3X when water is added-making it great for potted plants too.  And it the planting mix feeds plants for up to 6 months.  The all natural fibers hold up to 50% more water than basic potting soil.  So let's say this summer when I have a newborn, a child home from school, and a preschooler all running around and I forget to water my plants--they won't completely die because the Miracle-Gro Expand 'n Gro Concentrated Planting Mix will still be dishing out nutrients and will still have water in the soil because it is so awesome!

Doesn't it sound great?  Check out the website Expand ‘n Gro™ and try it for yourself. 

Not only is it a great product but there is a Giveaway!

EnG Product Shot.png

Now is the time to prep your gardens for Spring and Summer. Miracle-Gro Expand 'n Gro Concentrated Planting Mix is an easy way to get your prep work done quickly.  How would you use the planting mix?


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Disneyland Jar

There's a mini golf place in town that has a cute white and blue castle, for a long time my kids thought that it was Disneyland.  We should have taken them-just so they could say they've been there :o)
Now that my oldest is in school she has learned that Disneyland is in California-and it is THE place every child wants to go.  With a child on the way and debts to pay off before we take a vacation that big I decided to help my kids see that we are putting in an effort to save for the cause.
Enter the Disneyland Jar.  This jar is magical I tell you.  Every penny or dime we find goes straight to the jar.  When the kids earn money for doing extra chores-it goes to the jar.  When the kids break things or aren't obeying well we tell them we will have to take from the Disneyland Jar=instant obedience.  So to help remind them what we are saving for (like they need to be reminded)...
I added these little silhouettes to the top of the jar.
Here's a little tutorial on how to do it...


Layered Skirt

Because St. Patrick's day was on Saturday this year, my little girls school class celebrated it on the Friday before.  They needed to wear green.  As I was helping her think of what green she could wear Dana came out with this tutorial for a Layered Skirt.  It just so happens that Dana and my children are the same ages and almost the same measurements-so I didn't need to change much about the tutorial.  I also inherited some fun fabrics from my hubby's grandma's stash.
Isn't it fun and festive?
There's a little secret too..the under layers are plain green.  When my little girl is jumping, spinning, hopping and just skipping around this plain green layer shows through and gives the skirt a fun flare.


DIY Ruched Maternity Shirt.

Most of my maternity clothes are for summer weather.  I'm sure by the end of this pregnancy I will be wearing short sleeves-but so far I have been cold and needed long sleeves.  While I was at Walmart I found this shirt on clearance for $3.  It is a 2x-just a bit too big for me, even with a prego tummy.
I put the shirt on inside out and pinned off the inside sleeves and sides.  I stitched it off to make it more fitted.  
I added 9 inches of elastic to the inside.  As I sewed I pulled the elastic-starting from the bottom edge of the shirt.
Viola! A ruched shirt.
The ruching gives my tummy more room to expand while allowing the length of the shirt to keep me still covered.
This picture doesn't show the side very well, but it gives you an idea of how the shirt fits now.


Vogue 1250-

Have you seen this pattern?  I have seen it around blogdom and wanted to give it a try.  It wasn't hard to sew and uses less than 2 yards of fabric.  I made this dress back in July and have been meaning to snap a picture of me wearing it.  A few weeks ago I was attending an important meeting and was going to be sitting up in front of a lot of people and would be on TV-so I tried it on my then 26 week tummy.  Because of the cut of the dress and the stretch of the fabric I think it worked.
 I need to take a picture without the cardigan because I altered the pattern and added sleeves.
 You will love the way this dress makes you feel-seriously-it is a good dress to sew for yourself.
I almost wore it without the cardigan, but felt that it showed too many of my curves.


ibulb-flowers for spring

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of iBulb. All opinions are 100% mine.

As Mother Nature decides between Winter and Spring I am always looking out in my flower beds to see who is winning the battle.  The crocuses slowly poke their colorful blooms up, next come the Daffodils and Tulips.  Once the Daffodils and Tulips make their entrance I know that Spring is here and warm evening walks are just around the corner.  When I lived in a Southern climate I missed the Spring bulbs.  I missed seeing Tulips in bloom everywhere I looked.

Untitled (1 page)

For those who need their Tulip or bulb fix iBulb has the answer.  You can order forced bulbs that will bloom within a few days of arrival.  That means you don't have to fuss about getting them planted before the cold weather, or waiting all winter long to see the end result.  If you're planning an soiree for Easter and need Tulips-in bloom-for your centerpiece iBulb will come in handy for you.  For our Easter celebrations we are planning a cousin's Easter egg hunt.  The Tulips from iBulb would make a beautiful centerpiece.  If you didn't know bulbs are pretty resilient , meaning my kids can help me create a centerpiece for Easter.

to go tulips.jpg

If you're worried about quality of the bulbs iBulb is a dutch company-where the best Tulips come from.  iBulb supports 85 Dutch companies in dry sales and forcing business.


This really is a great idea too, because once the blooms are spent you can plant the bulbs outside and enjoy them year after year.

execelsior tulips.jpg

And if you need even more inspiration for what to do with Tulips visit this Pinterest page:


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DIY Towel Bibs

My hubby's cousin just had her baby last week-he's a cutie too.  For her baby shower I made some towel bibs.  I have made these before and have had lots of people tell me they were their favorite bibs.

Want to know how to make your own towel bibs?
Click to open the full post.


Maternity Dolman Sleeve Top

I guess I'm in the make clothes for myself mode.  First I made this twisted shirt, and now I am making a Dolman Sleeve Top.
 I found THIS tutorial online.
 I added a bit more to the length and added a band around the arms and the waist.  It fits great at 27 weeks pregnant.
Seriously comfortable and so easy to make.


Boy Quiet Book-Page 20 (Dog)

Felt for house, dog & Tree
Ribbon or twill tape for leash
Decorative buttons (Optional)

How To:
Once again I used a pattern for this page. Simplicity 3709.  I found some fun textured patterned felt at a craft store for the house.
I embroidered "Fido" on the house too.
This was a fairly simple page to construct.  I did hand stitch the dog together.
When you are appliqueing the house to the page make sure you don't stitch over the leash in the wrong place.  I stitched the leash to the bottom edge of the house.
Add flower buttons and the tree top and your done.

Girl's Quiet Book ReCap

Here is the Recap of all the pages and cover of the

Girl's Quiet Book
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Page 3-Shoe-Link
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Page 8-Fruit Tree-Link
Page 9-Braid-Link
Page 10-Room-Link
Page 11-Girl-Link
Page 12-Giraffe Bows-Link
Page 13-Bank-Link
Page 14-Marble Maze-Link
Page 15-Clock-Link
Page 16-Bird-Link
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Page 20-Tic Tac Toe-Link
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