DIY Ruched Maternity Shirt.

Most of my maternity clothes are for summer weather.  I'm sure by the end of this pregnancy I will be wearing short sleeves-but so far I have been cold and needed long sleeves.  While I was at Walmart I found this shirt on clearance for $3.  It is a 2x-just a bit too big for me, even with a prego tummy.
I put the shirt on inside out and pinned off the inside sleeves and sides.  I stitched it off to make it more fitted.  
I added 9 inches of elastic to the inside.  As I sewed I pulled the elastic-starting from the bottom edge of the shirt.
Viola! A ruched shirt.
The ruching gives my tummy more room to expand while allowing the length of the shirt to keep me still covered.
This picture doesn't show the side very well, but it gives you an idea of how the shirt fits now.

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