Vogue 1250-

Have you seen this pattern?  I have seen it around blogdom and wanted to give it a try.  It wasn't hard to sew and uses less than 2 yards of fabric.  I made this dress back in July and have been meaning to snap a picture of me wearing it.  A few weeks ago I was attending an important meeting and was going to be sitting up in front of a lot of people and would be on TV-so I tried it on my then 26 week tummy.  Because of the cut of the dress and the stretch of the fabric I think it worked.
 I need to take a picture without the cardigan because I altered the pattern and added sleeves.
 You will love the way this dress makes you feel-seriously-it is a good dress to sew for yourself.
I almost wore it without the cardigan, but felt that it showed too many of my curves.

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Holy Craft said...

I love it! The color choice is great and I love the cowl neck. I don't sew for myself enough. I'll have to check it out.

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