Patriotic Pillows

I love to decorate for the 4th of July! A week or two ago I was at World Market. Towards the front of the store they had a display of fun patriotic things. I bought some red and white pasta in shapes of the flag, liberty bell, and such. They also had some napkins in red, white and blue. The napkins come in a 20x20 inch square-which is exactly what size I need for a pillow cover for the pillows on my couches.
I bought enough to make three different pillows, then used the zippers I had on hand. Twenty minutes later I had three patriotic pillow covers.
My couch went from this...
 To This!
 Here's a close up.
 Each pillow is sewn just a little differently.
 The red white and blue napkin has a frayed edge, I made sure the edge was showing.
On the blue and white pillow I followed the hem line, it made the pillow have a decorative edge.
The red pillow was your basic pillow-sewn inside out, the turn out and press and done.

Have a great 4th of July!
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