Think About it Thursday-Fruit Loop Necklace

 Each child got a bowl of cereal.
 I used embroidery thread. I put tape on one end to help with threading.
They wore them around in the afternoon and snacked on them when they were hungry. My oldest asked if they could eat the leftover cereal for breakfast. When I said they could they were excited, we don't each much sugar cereal in our household if you can tell.



 This was a hit of course.
We were able to meet friends here and we played for almost two hours.


Masterpiece Monday-Colored Pasta

 Such a fun easy project.
 To make the colored pasta use 1 Cup Pasta, 1 TBSP rubbing alcohol, 2-3 drops food coloring.
We had a breezy day, I put the pasta outside to dry.
 I put a blob of glue on a paper plate and gave each child several q-tips. They would dab the glue with the q-tip to get the right amount of glue for each pasta piece.

We had plenty of pasta leftover. The kids knew how to do the project and they got out everything themselves. They were content for a good hour with this project.


Think About It Thursday-Sponge Towers

 Each of the packages had four sponges in them
 I happened to have my cutting mat and rotary cutter out.
 I cut some short and some long.

This was a great activity for a 7,4 & 1 year old.


Take A Trip Tuesday-Dollar Store

 Another great rainy day activity.  I had a different activity planned for the day, but changed things up because it was pouring.
Each child had $1 to spend.  My little guy ran right in to the toy aisle and took 2 minutes to find what he wanted.  My oldest browsed the store for half an hour and settled on a kit to make bracelets.


Masterpiece Monday--Salt Dough

 This was a great Rainy Day activity.  I googled a recipe for Salt Dough and whipped it up.
 If you can, buy the salt without Iodide--why??? because it's cheaper for salt dough.  I keep it away from my regular salt.
I gave each child a bowl of dough-covered with a plate so it wouldn't get crusty.  I also gave them some toothpicks to help strengthen and mold.

Mom's Love Mombo...something more to Love!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Comfort and Harmony. All opinions are 100% mine.

My baby is turning 1 today! We are excited to celebrate. The first year is always so intense and amazing. We have loved watching her grow and change from day to day. She came four weeks early and spent almost a week in the intensive care unit.  While in the NICU they had to regulate every ounce that went in and came out. We needed to bottle feed every three hours on the dot.  It wasn't too bad, except for the fact that I had had a c-section, sitting up and holding a baby hurt. The one thing that made it easier...a nursing pillow! That extra support helped me to relax and feel comfortable while holding my little miracle.

Let me introduce you to the mombo nursing pillow

Mombo nursing pillows have a unique shape and a two sided design called Firm2Soft.  One side is firm, which will gave any mother or father good support while feeding a baby. The soft side makes it great for propped up tummy time. 

Another great thing, the mombo nursing pillow is available at Toys R Us and of course Babies R Us. That means you can have it shipped to your home--one less outing while very pregnant is always a plus in my book.

 nursing pillow for babies

Check out all the great products they have.  You can get the Standard pillow, the Deluxe, or the nude--then get your choice of covers.

I would pick the Comfort & Harmony mombo in Taggies Deluxe Pillow & Infant Positioner. This pillow has it all.  With the Firm2Soft feature I know I would get great support. My baby would like the taggies. My favorite feature would be the optional vibration. Sometimes a baby just needs a little jiggling to be soothed, and the vibration would help.

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Whip-It-Up-Wednesday--Frost Cookies

My original plan was to roll and cut out individual cookies-then neighbor kids came over to play and I changed it up a bit.
I made one batch of sugar cookie dough, then pressed it into my 1/4 jelly roll pan.  It took a little longer to bake than regular cookies, but still tasted great.  I frosted the whole thing at once.
 I cut the pan into even squares and gave each child a square.
 Using leftover store bought icing the kids each decorated their own cookie.

These cookies were so yummy.  My little guy requested these for his birthday-with blue frosting.


Fantastic Friday--Balloon Ping Pong

Paper plates+paint stir sticks+balloons=hours of entertainment.
We LOVED this activity.  After a few balloons blew away we brought the activity inside and taped a line down the middle of the room and we made a game out of it.


Flood Staining--Better Backyard Sweepstakes & Staining Guide

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Flood® Wood Care. All opinions are 100% mine.


When we first bought our home the backyard was a patch of dirt—with a lot of evidence of dogs.   The first summer we were in our home we did projects inside, then the next summer we attacked the backyard.

We love to sit in the evenings and look at our beautiful flowerbeds and growing trees.  Our grass is amazingly green too.  Then we look at the fence…

Our sprinklers have been soaking the fence every other day for four years, and it has really worn the fence.

That’s where Flood Wood Care comes in.  They have a great Staining Made Simple guide.

Staining Made Simple

Now, I would choose to stain my fence—it would be a big job. But ANY wood thing can be stained.  The options are endless.  The Staining Made Simple guide helps you figure out what kind of wood you have, what state it is in.  The guide helps you figure out what prep and finish products your specific project will need.

So for my awesome fence, according to the Staining Made Simple guide I need:

Cleaner/Brightener Concentrate & Flood Semi-Transparent Finish.  The guide also helped me figure out how much I would need.

Check out the staining widget too:

<script src="http://www.flood.com/js/guideme/get-widget.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

<div id="flood-widget"></div>

Flood has some great projects and a big color selection for staining.  They also have a site on Flood Wood Care...Flood® Wood Care

As mentioned in the title Flood.com is having a Sweepstakes too.  Enter through facebook, the sweepstakes end 5/17/2013.

Flood Better Backyard Sweepstakes

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Legal residencts of the 50 United States of America and (D.C.) 18 years and older. Ends 5/17/2013. To enter and for Official Rules, including odds, and prize descriptions visit http://www.facebook.com/flood Void in Puerto Rico and where restricted or prohibited.  This Sweepstakes is no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook. You understand that you are providing your information to Sponsor and not to Facebook.

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Think About It Thursdays-Stick Puzzles

 We lined up wide popsicle sticks and used painters tape to keep them together, then flipped them over and the kids drew pictures.

 Believe it or not, this puzzle is actually the hardest-maybe its the monochromatic design.
 We drew on both sides of the sticks to make things a bit more interesting.

Then we stored each puzzle in its own snack size bag.


Whip-It-Up-Wednesday--Rice Crispies

This was a very enticing envelope.  The kids knew it was going to be something fun to make together.  They also know that we have to finish all our chores before we can open an adventure envelope.  Let's just say the chores were done very quickly.
 I've been looking for several years to find a good recipe, I think I found a great one.
My extra secret--add some marshmallows to the cereal before adding the melted goo.
These treats were still soft the next day-and we didn't even cover them.


Take A Trip Tuesday-Sacramento

My hubs had the week off and we were staying home, but wanted to have a one day adventure...
We woke the kids up early, ate breakfast, and then piled into the car...

These two places are right next to each other.  We spent from 10am until 4pm walking and playing around.  Then we surprised the kids again and took them to the Lego store at the mall and on a ride on the carousel.  We ate at a yummy mexican restaurant and headed home.  This was such a blast.  We had mapped everything out so we knew how to navigate the freeways.  Our 11 month old did amazing!  Hopefully this is a good sign that we can take some more trips in the near future.


Masterpiece Monday-Crayon & Watercolor

Off Track Adventures
My kids are off track from school for the month of May.  To help give us something to look forward to each day I came up with a plan similar to our Christmas advent adventures.

On Mondays we call it Masterpiece Monday--we will do an art project each Monday.
For the first Monday we did crayon and watercolor.
 I gave each of the kids a white crayon and let them draw on a huge sheet of paper.
 Then we got the water colors out.
They had fun drawing and painting lots of different scenes.  We hung the art work up across our art wall.
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