Pinteresting Summer-Summer Hats

Our Pinteresting Summer

Summer Hats

With temperatures and UV indexes rising I wanted my kiddos heads to be covered.

You can make these hats too using this free Oliver+S pattern.

 The hats are reversible
 The pattern is straight forward and actually fits--I've been trying out different bucket hat patterns for several years and this one is great.
Apparently the blue hat has some strings that need to be trimmed.


Pinteresting Summer-Marshmallow & Toothpicks

 Our Pinteresting Summer

Marshmallow Towers
This is a fun afternoon project.  The kids spent over an hour sitting at the table making amazing creations.
I showed them how it worked-stick the toothpick in the marshmallow and connect to other toothpicks and marshmallows.  Once they figured out there was no right or wrong way to do things they had a blast.
Building a house.
The house turned into this structure-she had fun putting as many "sticks" as she could into the project.
The little guy spread out over the table--I'm amazed at the different stages of development shown in the two structures.  The condensed one is from the 6 year old--the spread out flat one is from the 3 year old.
And this one is from my hubby :o)


Pinteresting Summer-Popsicles

Summer has begun around here.  This is our first "summer" as you will-we will be starting 1st grade in a few weeks.  I wanted to make the few weeks that we have all together fun and memorable.  I have been scouring Pinterest and other sites for fun summer activities.  For the next while I will be posting about our fun activities that we have done.
I'm calling it our

Pinteresting Summer

 To start this little series what better than by making yummy Popsicles.
My aunt submitted this recipe into our family cookbook
It's easy and the flavor combinations are endless and usually very yummy.
 I found these molds at Ikea several years ago.  They weren't big enough to fit the entire recipe...
 When I found these at Target this year I knew I had enough for the recipe.
 The kids said these tasted better than popsicles--the only down side was waiting for them to freeze.
What a yummy way to start our summer fun.


Happy Flag Day--A Patriotic Wreath

My aunt and my hubby's aunt have a birthday today--Happy Birthday!  
I also think of it as the kick off for patriotic decorations.

Do you remember my paper straw wreath from January?
Well I decided to use this for my 4th of July wreath too--with some additions of course.

Presenting my patriotic wreath:
I didn't want the blue stars to be permanent so I made up a way to stick them on. (click to found out how)


$3 Clearance T-Shirt Makeover

I found a long sleeve shirt on clearance for $3. 
 It was WAY too big for my little girl so I cut it as an a-line dress. 
 And added a pleat to the front and shortened the sleeves.


0 Months & A Winner...

Life has been hectic around here.  The baby is perfect.  She sleeps well, doesn't fuss much, hasn't spit up once.  Really only cries when she is hungry or has a dirty diaper.
She loves her pacifier--my only child to do so.  I think it has something to do with being in the NICU.
I've had quite the time recovering.  All was going well until I got home from the hospital and started itching. We found out that I'm allergic to steri-strips.  If I really wanted to gross you out I would show you pictures--it wasn't pretty.  Then when I thought that had cleared up my chest, neck and arms broke out in a serious rash.  I could not stop itching.  The doctor thinks it was a reaction to the sun--photo toxicity or something like that.  And because I'm nursing I couldn't take benadryl-or many other anti-histamines.  After two days of itching it has finally tapered off and I'm left with a red neck and several empty tubes of hydro-cortisone.

Hopefully this week will be calm and we can enjoy having Daddy home for a few more days.

The winner of the eclos beauty starter kit is...


#1 Lisa


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