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The Winner of the Dermagist Skin Care Giveaway is...

Karen Bowden


Superhero Party-The Party

This was an awesome party to plan and execute.

Games & Activities:

1. Get the Bad Guys...
The night before the party I blew up lots and lots of balloons and drew bad guy faces on them.  Nothing too fancy.
When all the guests had arrived we went out into the backyard and I dumped the garbage bags full of bad guys all over the lawn and all the guests had to sit on the balloons to pop them.  Once they were all popped they needed to collect the bad guys to put them in jail...a.k.a. the garbage can.

2. Create Your Secret Identity
Each guest got to color and decorate their own mask. 
 This was fun, just use foam sheets & shoelaces (both from the dollar store.)

3. Shoot The Bad Guys
I wrapped empty boxes--I put water bottles in some to give them weight.
The windows are just black cardboard glued on.
Then we used nerf guns to shoot the guys off.

4. Pin the Mask on the Superhero
I printed off an engineer print at Office Max--just under $4.  It is 24x36.  Then we had to "pin" the mask and the superhero thingy on.  The kids loved this game!

The Grub...
Nilla wafers with a sliced banana.  These went pretty fast and the kids enjoyed them.
I found this cupcake decorator set at Williams Sonoma--my little guy carried this around for days telling me which one he wanted on his cupcake.
These were a hit too.  Even the girls liked all the superhero stuff.
Happy Birthday Little Guy!


Dermagist-Review & Giveaway

Dermagist contacted me and asked me to review some of their products.  I've been using the skin tone correcting system for the last couple of months.  It's been kind of fun.  
I was a bit apprehensive to try a new skin product out because of my reaction postpartum to whatever made me have a crazy rash for three days.  Once I tried out the system I had no worries.
While the skin tone difference wasn't hugely noticeable, my skin texture was.  I used the products every morning in the shower--it says to use it morning and night, but I just couldn't remember to do it at night too.  After my shower my face felt so smooth and fresh.  The product doesn't have a strong smell--and is easy to use.

Overall, I enjoyed the Skin Tone Correcting System.  If I had more $$ I would look at trying the other systems too--but I am glad I had the chance to try this one out.

View all the Dermagist products here.

Want to try the Skin Tone Correcting System out yourself?

Enter the Giveaway...

Here's how to enter the giveaway:

2. Comment here on my blog as to why you are excited to try the product-let me know that you "like" Dermagist too.

The giveaway will end Monday morning 9am PST.


Super Hero Party-The Invitation

I don't dare tell anyone that I think our busiest summer yet may be slowing down just a tad. My little guy turned four earlier this month and we wanted to have a big party.  We have a family tradition of having big parties only every four years: 1,4,8,12,16--you get the point.  So this was a big one, and boy oh boy does he love superheroes.  So we sent out this invite...
I did some photoshop magic to take out some personal details--but you get the idea.  I found superman fonts, comic book writing fonts & comic book symbols all at dafont.com
Next up, all the festivities.



The other night while laying in bed nursing, thinking how tired I was, I was thinking about this blog.  I was thinking of different posts I have been wanting to post--but just haven't had the arms or time to get to it.  Then my mind wondered to the phrase, "You only live once."  I know it's a popular phrase right now, but I thought of a quick design of how I would want to display it as word art--so here it is to share with you.

This one above is my favorite, I like the dot on the i especially.

You should be able to click on the picture and then save it.  Let me know if you would rather me email you the image.
Have a great day!


Birthday Pennant Banner

Using a smaller triangle than this project, I sewed together a birthday banner.  
To make the letters I used freezer paper stenciling and good ol' white acrylic paint.  It took about three layers before the fabric color wasn't bleeding through.  I added the ric-rac for extra umph.
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