Some more Advent Adventures

We've been having so much fun with our advent adventures the other night we had a family over when we decorated our gingerbread houses.  Several years ago my friend told me about how she hot glues her gingerbread houses (made out of graham crackers).
When the other family arrived I told them not to eat their houses--but they could eat the candy and the frosting.
 We also had lots of fun making and delivering our christmas goodies.  I had my 6 year old write all the tags--it was so fun to have her involved.


Days 1 & 3... Advent Adventures

We've been having so much fun with our daily "adventures"

Day 1-Make a paper chain
Boys pull of the green-Girls pull of the red.  I made a paper star using this tutorial.

Day-3 Hand Print Christmas Tree
This was so much fun to do as a family.  The 6 year old cut out the kids hands, the 4 year old cut out the red ornaments.  Dad & Mom cut out the big hands and glued all to some paper.
My favorite part?  The 6 month old little hands as our star.


Adventure Advent

I've had this idea for several years, but didn't pull it off until this year.  I love advent calendars, they help the kiddos visualize exactly how many days are left until the big day.  I wanted to have something to open for each day.  I thought about having a treat for each day, but didn't like the idea of promoting sugar everyday.  

Each envelope contains an "Adventure" for the day.
1.        Make a Paper Chain
2.    Watch the 1st Presidency Devotional & Eat Cookies
3.    Make a handprint Christmas tree
4.     Watch Rudolph
5.    Make a gift for your teachers
6.   Make a toy donation pile & donate
7.    Write a Letter to Santa
8.    Watch Arthur Christmas
9.   Drive around & Look at Christmas Lights
10. Family Game Night
11.     Make Snowflakes
12.  Decorate Cookies & Doorbell Ditch
13.   Watch Frosty the Snowman
14.   Watch The Grinch
15.   Make goodies & Deliver to Friends & Family
16. Act out the Nativity
17. Build Gingerbread Houses
19. Make a Reindeer Family
20. Make a Gift for your friend
21. Have a Christmas Concert
22. Wrap Presents
23. Make Presents for Jesus
24. Watch Joy To The World
25. Write Thank You Notes

When planning out the activities I coordinated them with certain dates.  On Sunday's I tried to keep the activities simple.  Mondays are family centered.  On days that I knew would be more hectic I planned movies.  I also tried to make the activities more Christ centered the closer to Christmas we get. 
 I used my old school Sizzix to cut out the numbers
 Then laminated all 25 circles so the numbers would stay on.
I originally had the envelopes hanging on my pantry door--that lasted one day before it fell off.  Now the ribbon is strung across the bay window in the breakfast nook.  I post some of the adventures we have throughout the month.
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