Clipix-an online bulletin board

Back in the day when I would get a stack of catalogs in the mail everyday I would look at them with scissors in hand.  As I would find an inspirational picture or a project that I knew I could DIY it would be cut out of the catalog and taped into the "binder."   So now there are brilliant people who understand that most of us have switched over to the internet for our inspiration--but how do you organize it all?

Well Clipix is here to help.  


Clipix is different than other free online bulletin boards.  Seriously-it offers a lot more.

First of all it offers privacy settings-so maybe you want to organize your ideas for a surprise party, but you don't want everyone to see what you're doing.  You can pick who you want to see your clipboards.

Another awesome feature...Syncboards.  Think of planning a wedding--you can have your bridesmaids, mother, mother-in-law & groom all clip to the same clipboard.  All the ideas would be in the same location!

With a baby on the way I find that clipping all the ideas and new products is so easy to organize.

There is already and iPhone App--making clipping even easier and more convenient.

You may think this sounds similar to other online bulletin boards-but it has so much more and has much more to offer and the privacy is so nice to have.

One of My Clipix Board

Go on and visit clipix.com-Let me know what you you are going to use clipix for.

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Quiet Book Update

My plan was to post a page every weekday in February.  The books are done-so it's just photos and editing-but life is getting a little busy this week.  Look forward to more pages starting Monday.
Here's a little sneak peak of a page coming up
Hope you're enjoying this as much as I did making every page.


Boy Quiet Book-Page 9 (Teepee)

Felt for teepee
Brown felt for wood
Orange, Red & Yellow felt for fire
Grey felt for smoke
Googly eyes

How To:

Girl Quiet Book-Page 9 (Braid)

Three different colors of t-shirt material (knit)

How To:


Girl Quiet Book-Page 5 (Make a Face)

Skin colored felt
Felt for hair, eyes, lips, glasses, etc.
Material for a pocket

How To:

Boy Quiet Book-Page 5 (Make a Face)

Skin colored felt
Felt for hair, eyes, lips, glasses, etc.
Material for a pocket

How To:


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As many of you know Google Friend Connect is vanishing and so will you if you don't update how you follow The Project Corner.

So here's how to do it.
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Girl Quiet Book-Page 4 (Hand w/ Ring)

Skin colored felt
Felt for fingernails
Cuff or material to make a cuff & a button

How To:

Boy Quiet Book-Page 4 (Hand w/ Ring)

Skin color felt
Light color felt for finder nails
Cuff from Shirt Sleeve

How To:


Girl Quiet Book-Page 3 (Tie the Shoe)

3 different colors of felt
1 shoe lace (at least 32 inches long)
6 Grommets
Simplicity Pattern 3709

How To:

Boy Quiet Book-Page 3 (Tie the Shoe)

Three different colors of felt.
One shoe lace (at least 32 inches long)
Simplicity Pattern 3709

How To:


Sprint Sale!

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I've become quite the online shopper-my kids can get crazy in the store so if I can get it online for a great price I will skip the store.  I'm a girl who loves her sales--so I thought you would be interested to hear about this one.

Sprint is have a limited time sale-and it's only online!  


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Nexus S™ 4G

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If your not into the Nexus check out the HTC EVO

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So there you have it, a great steal of a deal from Sprint.


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Boy Quiet Book-Page 2 (Weave)

Another fun page for hands on learning:
1 felt page each of 2 different colors

How To:


Girl Quiet Book-Page 2 (Weave)

This is another fun one for kids.

1 sheet each of two contrasting colors.

How To:

Boy Quiet Book-Page 1 (Balloons)

This is another action page.  Button the balloons on and off.

5 different colors of felt
Black felt
5 different colors of buttons (similar sizes)

How To:


Girl Quiet Book-Page 1 (Flowers)

In my mind the purpose of a quiet book is to help keep the kids quiet-basically they need to keep their hands busy.  
The first page is all about fine motor skills.  Buttoning flowers on and off their stems.

5 different colors of felt for flowers
Green felt for stems
5 Buttons

How To:


Quiet Book-Prep Work

Before we can start on the fun pages we need to get all the blank pages ready.  Find some good light, plain colored cotton.  Either muslin or white cotton will work well.  I used an old white fitted sheet for my books.   Because it was an old sheet it had been prewashed- I don't plan on washing the quiet books, but prewash your fabric just in case.
Cut 10 rectangles out of the sheet or fabric, each rectangle measuring 10x24 inches.

Buy materials you will need:
Felt in all different colors.  If you have your book planned out before hand go through each page and think of what colors you will need.  I have already gone back several times for different colors of felt.
Buy a bottle or two of Fray Check or something similar.  I put it at the end of each stitching line to help make it stronger.  I am expecting this book to get a lot of use-I don't want my stitches to come out.
At the beginning of each post for the pages I will list materials you will need for the page.

Now on to the PLAN:
Find 20 pages that you will want to make.  Write these down or bookmark them or pin them.  Just be able to find them when you can't remember exactly what you want it to look like.  Now make two charts:

 This is how you want your book to be as the end product. Notice that page 1 & 20 are single pages.  When planning out your pages plan for some that will take a full spread (two consecutive pages like 10 & 11)
This is how you will construct your book.  This plan is the more important to keep with you at all times while working on the quiet book.  I kept this plan on my ironing board to make sure I was placing the objects on the right side of the page.
I will be referring to this chart throughout the process to help with the construction.  If it doesn't make sense now it will make more sense when I show you how to sew it all together.
Tomorrow will be page 1 both boy and girl version.  I hope you're as excited as I am to start this project!
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