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Back in the day when I would get a stack of catalogs in the mail everyday I would look at them with scissors in hand.  As I would find an inspirational picture or a project that I knew I could DIY it would be cut out of the catalog and taped into the "binder."   So now there are brilliant people who understand that most of us have switched over to the internet for our inspiration--but how do you organize it all?

Well Clipix is here to help.  


Clipix is different than other free online bulletin boards.  Seriously-it offers a lot more.

First of all it offers privacy settings-so maybe you want to organize your ideas for a surprise party, but you don't want everyone to see what you're doing.  You can pick who you want to see your clipboards.

Another awesome feature...Syncboards.  Think of planning a wedding--you can have your bridesmaids, mother, mother-in-law & groom all clip to the same clipboard.  All the ideas would be in the same location!

With a baby on the way I find that clipping all the ideas and new products is so easy to organize.

There is already and iPhone App--making clipping even easier and more convenient.

You may think this sounds similar to other online bulletin boards-but it has so much more and has much more to offer and the privacy is so nice to have.

One of My Clipix Board

Go on and visit clipix.com-Let me know what you you are going to use clipix for.

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