Boy Quiet Book-Page 9 (Teepee)

Felt for teepee
Brown felt for wood
Orange, Red & Yellow felt for fire
Grey felt for smoke
Googly eyes

How To:

Cut out the shape of your teepee.
I missed taking a picture of the next few steps-but it's pretty simple.  Cut the teepee down the middle, but not completely in half.  Sew on the zipper.  Applique teepee on-add the wood posts at the top during this part.
The fire is simple.  Cut flame shapes from orange, yellow & red.  Use two brown pieces for the logs.  Zig-zag on and it's done.
I glued these pieces on.  You can add whatever you want inside the teepee.  This page helps little hands figure out how to use a zipper.
Add smoke if you want to.  Another page complete!@

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