Girl Quiet Book-Page 1 (Flowers)

In my mind the purpose of a quiet book is to help keep the kids quiet-basically they need to keep their hands busy.  
The first page is all about fine motor skills.  Buttoning flowers on and off their stems.

5 different colors of felt for flowers
Green felt for stems
5 Buttons

How To:

First cut out flower shapes and sew them together.  Each flower is two layers thick.
I hand stitched the flowers together.  Then put a button hole in each flower.  I found 5 buttons that were all about the same size so the button holes are all the same size.
Position the flowers on the page-remember to keep a room for a seam allowance on all the outer edges.
Draw where each stem should be placed.  Make sure to draw under the flower.
Place the stems (felt cut to about 1/4" thick).
Zig-zag each stem on.  I didn't cut off the bottoms of the stem until I was done sewing them on to the page.
Add this to the beginning and end of each stitching line for added strength.  I didn't do this until I had sewn the buttons on.
Sew buttons on-put on flowers and you have completed page 1!

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