Boy Quiet Book-Page 4 (Hand w/ Ring)

Skin color felt
Light color felt for finder nails
Cuff from Shirt Sleeve

How To:

Trace your hand to make a pattern piece.  It doesn't have to be perfect.  When you are cutting it out you can smooth out the fingers and such.
Once the hand is cut out add the fingernails.  I used liquid stitch to attach the nails.
 This men's shirt was in my stash.  I cut off the cuff and the very edge.
I pinned the cuff and hand with the ring ON.  Make sure you plan on a seam allowance--you don't want to sew the cuff into the seam.  Applique the hand on to the page--the ring finger is tricky.  Leave a little wiggle room where the ring is so the felt won't tear with use.
The kids love this page, even though it is so simple.

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