Girl Quiet Book-Page 4 (Hand w/ Ring)

Skin colored felt
Felt for fingernails
Cuff or material to make a cuff & a button

How To:

Trace your hand to get a pattern.  You can smooth your fingers out and adjust any lines when you cut out the felt.
I used liquid stitch to attach the nails.  Just cut out little ovals for the fingernails-they don't have to be perfect.
I used the cuff from the Boy's Quiet book to make a pattern for a girls cuff.
Pin the cuff, hand and ring down and applique.  When sewing the ring finger leave a little wiggle room for the ring.  I stopped sewing a little before the ring and started after-making sure to backstitch to give more strength.
I used old rings that had started to tarnish that were in my jewelry box--the rings were from my high school days.

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