Boy Quiet Book-Page 1 (Balloons)

This is another action page.  Button the balloons on and off.

5 different colors of felt
Black felt
5 different colors of buttons (similar sizes)

How To:
To make the balloons I drew out a picture of a balloon and made a pattern piece.  I cut two of each color.  You can either hand stitch the balloons together or zig-zag the edges.
Once you have done that make a button hole the same size in each balloon.
These are the flowers from the girls quiet book-but this gives you and idea of how big to make your button holes.
Once you have finished the balloons place them one the right side of the page and make sure you have enough room for seam allowances on all the outside edges.
Draw a line from where the button would be down to a point at the bottom of the page-like someone is holding the bouquet of balloons.  Cut the black felt into 1/4" strips.  Zig-zag the "strings" onto the page.
Once the "strings" are sewn on, sew on the buttons.
Add fray-check at the beginning and end of each stitched line to help give it strength.
Page 1-button on balloons.

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