Boy Quiet Room- Pages 10&11 (Boy)

Skin colored felt
Hair color felt
Felt for clothes

How To:
Draw a body shape.  I used a large spool of thread for the head.  I only drew out half of the body and cut the felt on the fold to make sure the body was symmetrical.
Cut two body shapes.
Embroider or draw a face.  Then place felt pieces in between the layers.(see pictures above)
Pin-then zig-zag around edges.
Add hair.  I cut the hair pieces the same, then cut out the shape on the front-that way the pigtails would line up.
I traced the body after it was sewn to get a pattern for the clothes.
This is like a paper doll-so the clothes just cling on top of the doll.  I glued a car button on the dark red shirt.

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