Quiet Book-Prep Work

Before we can start on the fun pages we need to get all the blank pages ready.  Find some good light, plain colored cotton.  Either muslin or white cotton will work well.  I used an old white fitted sheet for my books.   Because it was an old sheet it had been prewashed- I don't plan on washing the quiet books, but prewash your fabric just in case.
Cut 10 rectangles out of the sheet or fabric, each rectangle measuring 10x24 inches.

Buy materials you will need:
Felt in all different colors.  If you have your book planned out before hand go through each page and think of what colors you will need.  I have already gone back several times for different colors of felt.
Buy a bottle or two of Fray Check or something similar.  I put it at the end of each stitching line to help make it stronger.  I am expecting this book to get a lot of use-I don't want my stitches to come out.
At the beginning of each post for the pages I will list materials you will need for the page.

Now on to the PLAN:
Find 20 pages that you will want to make.  Write these down or bookmark them or pin them.  Just be able to find them when you can't remember exactly what you want it to look like.  Now make two charts:

 This is how you want your book to be as the end product. Notice that page 1 & 20 are single pages.  When planning out your pages plan for some that will take a full spread (two consecutive pages like 10 & 11)
This is how you will construct your book.  This plan is the more important to keep with you at all times while working on the quiet book.  I kept this plan on my ironing board to make sure I was placing the objects on the right side of the page.
I will be referring to this chart throughout the process to help with the construction.  If it doesn't make sense now it will make more sense when I show you how to sew it all together.
Tomorrow will be page 1 both boy and girl version.  I hope you're as excited as I am to start this project!

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