Quiet Book-a look back and an announcement

One of my projects on my list has always been a quiet book.  I loved the one my mom had for us, and I was always jealous that my sister got to make one in 4-H.  I finally got it together and have decided to make two quiet books-a boy version and a girl version.  For the month of February I will be posting every weekday and sharing how and what I did for each page.  
The books each have 20 pages, some of the pages will have the same things on them-but just different versions (for a boy and a girl.)  My plan is to post the versions separately-so it will be easier to find them later.  
To get you excited I wanted to show you the quiet book that we got to play with when we were little.  I think my mom played with it when she was little too.
 It snaps together on top and bottom to keep everything in place

 I cow with a little bell on the collar.
 Old lad and the shoe-tie the shoe lace & Clown with balloons-button the balloons
 Flowers in the yard to flowers in the vase
 Clock and Three little kittens with a mitten to try on
Try on the ring & Pick the fruit from the tree
 A baby with clothes and a clothesline
 Finger puppets in the zoo & a telephone to call on
 Train (missing the cars at the moment) and Pinochio (use your finger to make his nose grow)
 Piggy Bank & Zipper Teepee
 Fold a handkercheif to fit int he pocket and open the pocket to find a friend
Turn the face for a smile or a frown.  The front and back have felt numbers and letters attached.

I am so excited to share this project with you.  Hope you join in on the fun.

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