Drizzle Numbers

Do you blog-stalk anybody?  Well I do, Delia from Delia Creates always has great ideas and beautiful pictures.  A little while ago she posted about making chocolate drizzles to spruce up any dessert.  So for my hubby's birthday last week I decided to use her tips and make something for the top of his cake.  
Delia said in her post if you are going to make numbers of letters to make sure they are thicker.  So this is what I did.
On parchment paper I drew out a 3 & 5.  I made block letters with the melted chocolate.  Oh yes, and I melted my chocolate IN the ziploc bag, 30 seconds at a time in the microwave so it didn't get too hot.
I put the numbers in the fridge and let them set.  Then I pulled them out, flipped them over and put a second coat of chocolate so they were extra thick.  Right before serving the cake I put the numbers in the cake.
Just don't put the candles too close to the numbers-the five melted in half during the birthday song.

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