Ready for 2012

Now that the end of January is around the corner and Superbowl frenzy is starting to permeate all the stores I thought I would share what I am doing to keep my papers organized this year.
Normally I stack all my bills, EOB's, car repair statements, bank statements and any other paper that I think needs to be filled.  I stack all of these papers in my office and eventually the stack gets several inches high and just looking the stack, knowing that I need to file it makes it seem too overwhelming.  So this year I have taken a different approach.
I saw this idea on pinterest, and I didn't pin it--and now I can't find the source.
I have folders for Utilities, Medical, Dental, Paystubs, School, Each member of the family, Car (anything-insurance or repairs) and Misc.  Each member of the family has their first initial on it (we don't have any repeating letters in our family)
So far it has kept the counter completely free.  And I showed my hubby the system and he even put papers away without it touching the counter.
I have been searching blogdom for some organizational helps and found one person did a similar concept, but she bought a filing system that comes with a lid.  At the end of the year she writes the year on the outside of the box and puts the lid on and the filing is done.  My plan, if I like this system, is to buy those boxes for next year and file this years and begin next years in the better box.  Does that make sense?
The other thing that we have found that really helps is that the paper shredder is just to the right of this box.  So when we get junk mail or papers that need to be shredded they are shredded and not added to the stack of papers.
So now I can say I am ready for the year.

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