T-Shirt Scarf

T-shirt, or any other jersey knit fabric.  I bought this particular shirt at Gap for $.97 that's, right under a buck.  It didn't fit quite right, but I thought I could use if for a workout shirt.  Needless to say when I saw this how-to I knew that it was not meant to be worn as a shirt.  Here is where I got the idea: http://rufflesandstuff.blogspot.com/2009/08/super-easy-t-shirt-scarf.html

Here's what I did:

T-Shirt (If you zoom in you can see that it was really $.97

Square it up--cut off the stuff you don't want

Cut into squares.  I ended up cutting them into 3 1/2 inch squares.  It was just easier.

Sew them together, putting points in the center of the next square.  For some strange reason my sewing machine was skipping a stitch, see on the left side.  I think it was the fabric and the tension???

I'm excited to wear this with a black blazer I'm working on.

Here's what you do with the scraps--they love them.
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