Boy Quiet Book-Page 5 (Make a Face)

Skin colored felt
Felt for hair, eyes, lips, glasses, etc.
Material for a pocket

How To:

Cut an oval out of the skin colored fabric.  Applique on.  Make the pocket by folding a piece of material 4"x8", stitch around three sides--the folded edge should be the top edge.
To make the eyes I cut three different sized circles.  I used my different sizes of spools as an outline.
I appliqued the colored part on to the white part.  I did not sew the black on separately.  It is small enough that it will stay when you sew the colored part on to the white.

The teethy smile was fun to sew.  I used white thread and appliqued the white on to the red-and made teeth.
 This is a very easy page, and requires little sewing.
Just be creative and make up whatever silly faces you want to do.

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