Girl Quiet Book-Page 13 (Bank)

2 pieces of felt for bank
Googlie Eyes
Wood circles for money

How To:

Cut out all the pieces.  I used a cd for the head and a plate for the body. Cut out ears too-I forgot to until I was pinning in the next step. (I used a different process for the boy version and liked it better-so that's why these pictures are blue)
Pin the legs, ears, and head to the body.
Stitch just where the head meets the body.  This picture also shows the button hole I stitched for the opening.
Next fold back the head and stitch around the body and legs.  This gives more room for the money
Stitch the nose on and glue on the eyes.
 For the money I used wood and Citrasolv.  If you go this route make sure your print is in reverse.
 Place the paper-ink side down on the wood.  Rub with a Citrasolv soaked paper towel to transfer to the wood.
Now you have money for the piggy bank.

1 comment:

Carissa D said...

Love the idea for making the money. How do you get it back out again?

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