Boy Quiet Book-Page 8 (Fruit Tree)

Brown Felt
Green Felt for Leaves
Felt for Fruit
Felt for Bucket

How To:

Make a drawing of a tree.
Pin and sew on to page.
I did not applique (zig-zag the edges) instead I started at the end of each branch and sewed straight lines.  This gives it a cool texture.
Cut out leaf shapes from green felt and pin.  Zig-zag the leaves on to the tree.
This shows the velcro sewn on too.  Once the leaves are sewn on it will help you determine where you want the velcro to go.
Cut out a bucket.
Sew to the page.
To make the fruit cut out circles.  Before stitching the circles together attach the Velcro to one side of the fruit.  I hand-stitched each piece of fruit, I added a little stuffing (leftover felt pieces) to give it a fun feel. Now you can pick fruit any time of the year

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