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As Mother Nature decides between Winter and Spring I am always looking out in my flower beds to see who is winning the battle.  The crocuses slowly poke their colorful blooms up, next come the Daffodils and Tulips.  Once the Daffodils and Tulips make their entrance I know that Spring is here and warm evening walks are just around the corner.  When I lived in a Southern climate I missed the Spring bulbs.  I missed seeing Tulips in bloom everywhere I looked.

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For those who need their Tulip or bulb fix iBulb has the answer.  You can order forced bulbs that will bloom within a few days of arrival.  That means you don't have to fuss about getting them planted before the cold weather, or waiting all winter long to see the end result.  If you're planning an soiree for Easter and need Tulips-in bloom-for your centerpiece iBulb will come in handy for you.  For our Easter celebrations we are planning a cousin's Easter egg hunt.  The Tulips from iBulb would make a beautiful centerpiece.  If you didn't know bulbs are pretty resilient , meaning my kids can help me create a centerpiece for Easter.

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If you're worried about quality of the bulbs iBulb is a dutch company-where the best Tulips come from.  iBulb supports 85 Dutch companies in dry sales and forcing business.


This really is a great idea too, because once the blooms are spent you can plant the bulbs outside and enjoy them year after year.

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And if you need even more inspiration for what to do with Tulips visit this Pinterest page:


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