Disneyland Jar

There's a mini golf place in town that has a cute white and blue castle, for a long time my kids thought that it was Disneyland.  We should have taken them-just so they could say they've been there :o)
Now that my oldest is in school she has learned that Disneyland is in California-and it is THE place every child wants to go.  With a child on the way and debts to pay off before we take a vacation that big I decided to help my kids see that we are putting in an effort to save for the cause.
Enter the Disneyland Jar.  This jar is magical I tell you.  Every penny or dime we find goes straight to the jar.  When the kids earn money for doing extra chores-it goes to the jar.  When the kids break things or aren't obeying well we tell them we will have to take from the Disneyland Jar=instant obedience.  So to help remind them what we are saving for (like they need to be reminded)...
I added these little silhouettes to the top of the jar.
Here's a little tutorial on how to do it...

I made the silhouettes in Word-two small circles, one large-filled in with black.  Printed by my laser printer-important step.

Then I drilled holes in the wood circles.
I haven't even used an 1/8 of this stuff and I've done a lot of projects with it, as seen here, here, & here.
Once I rubbed on the pictures the wooden circles looked like this...
Aren't they cute?  Each side of the circles has a picture.
Add some yarn or twine.
Tie it on the jar-and now it is officially the Disneyland Jar.

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cJb said...

You can stay with us if you want :) Hopefully our new place will be sufficient in space!

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