Boy's Quiet Book ReCap

Here is the Recap of all the pages and cover of the

Boy's Quiet Book
Prep Work-Link
Page 1-Balloons-Link
Page 2-Weave-Link
Page 3-Shoe-Link
Page 4-Hand With Ring-Link
Page 5-Make A Face-Link
Page 6-Count the Beads-Link
Page 7-Mittens-Link
Page 8-Fruit Tree-Link
Page 9-Tepee-Link
Page 10-Room-Link
Page 11-Boy-Link
Page 12-Bank-Link
Page 13-Button Shirt-Link
Page 14-Marble Maze-Link
Page 15-Clock-Link
Page 16-Bird-Link
Page 17-Zoo-Link
Page 18-Phone-Link
Page 19 -Caterpillar-Link
Page 20-Dog House-Link

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