SCARF WEEK...Project #5 Ruched Scarf

This scarf was inspired by this post.  Isn't Dana amazing?  
Her tutorials are very informative and always easy to follow.

Scarf #5
Find some great knit material.  You can use an old t-shirt or some knit material.  I will show you how to use both. 

XXL T-Shirt or 1/8 Yard Knit
 Because this knit was thin I cut it 8 inches wide.
 I wanted to include this print on the scarf, I cut it to include it.
It ended up just over 9 inches wide.  I cut the collar off just under the ribbing--in a straight line.
 Because the gray scarf needed to be sewn together I didn't want a raw edge on the neck.  I sewed a french seam.  Sew the two pieces together-wrong sides together first.
Trim the seem, then turn to right sides together and sew the seam again, hiding any raw edges.
For both scarves I penciled in a line in the middle of the scarf 6 1/2 inches long.  Then sew shirr the fabric.  For the gray scarf I sewed six columns.  The turquoise scarf has only three columns.
On the left side is what your fabric should look like just after you have sewn it.  The right side is what it should look like after you steam it, or spray it with a water bottle.  This is the funnest part of shirring.
 Add some buttons.  Once again this scarf is light, I didn't want the buttons to pull too much on it.
 I couldn't decide what buttons to put on the gray scarf.  One..
Because I left the print showing on the scarf I left the buttons off.
 I like how it adds a different element to a simple scarf.

 This adds just the right splash of color.  I love how the knit curls on the edges too.
If I made this for a younger person I would probably add some colored buttons or find some interesting shaped buttons.

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Paula -- CutieFruity said...

I almost thought when you cut open the shirt, that you were going to replace that open part with a rouched piece of knit in it's place. That would be cool.

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