Black Friday Ads=Upcycled Paper Beads

I've seen these beads around the blog-o-sphere and when I went to through out my Black-Friday ads I noticed how colorful some of the ads were.  
This is from a Criket phone ad.
 Cut the ads into wedged strips, meaning one end is wider than the other.
 Roll on to a skewer or a dowel.  Do not roll to tightly.  Glue at the ends, and all around the outside without touching the wood.
 It should look like this when you are done.
 It doesn't take long for them to dry.  Once they are not too sticky slide them off the wood to finish drying.
 I like how some of the words peak out from the ad.
 This is what I was able to get from a two page ad.
 Isn't it cute?
 These rolls are from a Macy's add--all green and red.
Here is the finished bracelet once again.  Now go and up-cycle some of your Black Friday ads and make someone's day.

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