Leaf Wreath

At the beginning of September I went to the dollar store.  I mostly purchased things for a co-op preschool and a chore chart for my family.
I walked down the flower aisle and picked up this wreath.  My husband does not like wreaths--not one bit.  So it sat in my sewing room until this last week.  I am trying to clean my sewing room--one project at a time.
I bought 4 strands of leaves.  I think two of them came from Michaels, purchased with coupon so they were super cheap.  There are a mixture of different types of leaves, maples, ash & oak.  Some with sparkles, some with neon colors, and a good mix of oranges & reds.  Michaels is clearing out their fall leaves and flowers, so if you wanted to make this wreath it would probably cost less than $5.
I took the leaves off the vine and put them in a bin.  I started gluing leaves on two at a time (because they were hooked together.)  As I glued I made sure they were facing the same direction.  Each leaf needed to be going counterclockwise, because that was the direction I just happened to be gluing. 
I hope my hubby will be okay with this view when he arrives home from work.
 Not too shabby for dollar store items, right?  I hung the wreath with a 3M command hook--it's impossible to hang it with wreath hanger because of the window.
Hope you are adjusting to the time change.  Happy Fall y'all.

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Foster Momma said...

What a great idea to use the twine wreath-I actually just saw them at the Dollar Tree and kept holding it saying I know there is something I could do with that...this is a super cute/easy idea!

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