SCARF Week..Project #2

My plans at the beginning of the week were to post a scarf every day--then life happened.  I have been to the dentist 3 days in a row now (only once for me :o).  But I'm not complaining, it's just been busy. I am posting three scarves today.  Enjoy...

I found this great fabric in the clearance pile and thought it would make a great scarf or two or three.  I bought a yard of the material not knowing exactly what I wanted to do. 

I played around with different looks and decided that I would make three different scarves out of the material
 First I squared up the edges and cut three sections.  Two nine inch sections and one 17 inch section.

Scarf #2
This is a no sew scarf.  Use one of the nine inch sections throw it around your neck tie a lose knot and it becomes a fashionable scarf.  The hygienist really like it at my dentist appointment yesterday.
 A simple way to add a splash of color to your wardrobe.  This scarf is only 9 inches wide--it is much thinner than a scarf you would buy from the store.  I love that it is not bulky and does not get in the way of much.
You could also leave it hanging without a knot.  It is interesting to look at the two photos and see how it changes the look of my body.  The first picture (the one with the knot) accents my chest and compliments my waistline--or so I think it does.  The second untied scarf draws a line down my torso--I guess this would be good if you wanted an optical illusion, keep ones eyes moving up and down. 

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