Bag Week...Project #3 A-line Purse

I showed the finished product to my hubby and he said, "That's cute."  I hope you think so too.

Project #3
1/2 Yard each of Outer Material and Lining
Any embellishments

Make a pattern...
You can click on the picture to see the exact measurements.
Cut out two outer shells, two linings, pockets (you can decide on the size and quantity of pockets), and two straps 4x22 inches.   You can sew the pockets on before continuing on to the next step.
 Fold an edge over to the bottom.  Stitch the outside edge.
 Once you have the corners sewn sew the edges by putting right sides together.  I like to pin the corners so the seams go in opposite directions-just like you do in quilting.
 Here is what the side should look like once you have sewn the edges together.
Sew the lining in the same way.  Once you have those two things done move on to the straps.
 Fold the straps in half, right sides together, sew.  Turn right side out and press with the seam in the middle.
 Sew a topstitch on the straps.  This step isn't absolutely necessary-but...
 Look at the difference.
 Turn the outer layer inside out.  Pin the straps into position.  Before you sew the two layers together make sure you sew on any pockets you may want.
Make sure when you put the lining in that the right sides of both fabrics are touching.  Sew the two layers, and straps together.  Be sure to leave an opening.  I left my opening in between two of the straps, but I made sure to sew the straps too so they wouldn't move.  Turn the purse right side out and sew another topstitch on the top edge--this is essential because it will close the opening on the top.
 Finished purse, just needs a little wow factor...
 Take some flowers from anothe project.
 Or use the left over lining fabric to make a new flower.
 Back the flower with felt.  I cut two tiny holes in the felt and fed the safety pin through and sew it on to the flower.
 Isn't it a cute flower?
 I added a pocket to the lining.  Every purse and bag needs at least one pocket.
This would be a cute purse with some pleats too :o)


Sandee said...

Oh man I do love this!!! Beautiful job!!! So glad you shared this with us at the Passionately Artistic Blog!!!

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Sarah @ Sugar Bananas! said...

Thanks for linking up with Sweets This Week :)


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