Scarf Week..Project #4 Shirred Scarf

By now most of you know how to shirr.  If you haven't learned how to do it you really should--it has an instant gratification effect.  

Scarf #4
Using the same fabric as scarf #2 & scarf #3
For this scarf I used a nine inch wide strip.
Load elastic thread into your bobbin and a thread that coordinates with your fabric in the top.  Move your tension to its highest level and your stitch length to a long as possible.  
I started stitching 4-5 inches from the end and 1 1/2 inches from the edge.  Stop 4-5 inches from the other end.  I did not cut my thread, I just lifted it up and moved it to the next row and stitched in the opposite direction.  I didn't mark the rows, just eyed it.
I back stitched at each end to make sure the thread would not loosen over time.
Because I left the slevedges in place the ends will not fray.  The sides will start to fray, but I think it works well with this fabric.  If you are worried about it fraying too much you could finish each edge or just cut it on the bias and it would not fray.
 I love how full this scarf is, once again it isn't too bulky because it is only 9 inches wide.
Here I just turned it to one side and think it shows off the shirring more and gives it a more modern appeal.

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