BAG WEEK...Project #2 Ruffle Bag

In our house we are always looking for a bag.  One for a sleepover at grandmas house, or ballet, or an outing at the park.  Always in need of something.  I wanted to make a bag that was very feminine for my little girl.  This bag has lots of ruffles and a LOT of pink.

Project #2

1 Yard Material (if you don't want to line it)
1 t-shirt
(Another t-shirt for a lining)

To cut out the bag determine if how deep you want it and how big you want the gussets on the side.  For this bag the I cut out 3 inch gussets= just under 6 inches when sewn together.  No matter what you decide cut out a square on each corner (two sides to the bag=four corners.)  If you would like handles out of the bag material cut out 4x16-18 inch strips.  I cut strips out of the t-shirt for my bag.  To sew it together fold the corners together to make corner of a bag--sew it and you have an instant corner.  If this doesn't make sense I will show you how to do this on the next project.  I cut out a lining of a light pink t-shirt, just use the same measurements for both inner and outer.
 For the ruffles I used a t-shirt.  I didn't take pictures of the t-shirt, but this is the same process I used.  Find a round object.  Obviously I used plate--this was a great cutting edge.  No need to mark the fabric.  If you use something besides knit you will need to finish off the edge.  Cut to the edge of the material-it will make a crescent.
 Move the plate a few inches and make a true crescent.
 Like this.
When you straighten the crescent out it will have a natural wave to it.
I sewed each crescent on.  Because the crescents are knit I used a small zig-zag-sew it one direction, flip the ruffle over and sew again.  This will help the ruffle to stand out a bit.
 Ta-Da! Do you think it is girly enough?
 Side view--I like that the ruffles are only on one side, if you look at the bag from the back it gives you a sneak peek of the ruffles.
Deep gussets.  Love this bag, hope you do too.


cleverlyinspired said...

OMG I love this bag!

Unknown said...

Very creative and a real eye catcher! Love the fun colours.

KimMalk said...

These are amazingly fun ruffles! I frequently forget about this style--you get the frill w/o any chance of looking "grandma-y".

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