Bag Week...Project #4 Sweater Messenger Bag

Project #4
 Re-purposing clothing is fun-you start looking at old clothing as projects and not a donation pile.  The sweater I used was from when I was engaged.  I bought it for valentine's day, I think I have worn it once or twice since.  It just doesn't fit me right, it needs another three inches in length.
 Lay out the sweater to get a sense of how big you can cut your bag.
 I cut mine right next to the sleeve seam.
The back of the purse needs to be longer than the front, so there can be a flap.  Use the bottom edge of your sweater as the top of the front and back--this way you won't have to finish it off.
 Sew the two pieces together.  I cut a little too much off the front and had to add a piece back on.  You just cut this on the fold and you wouldn't have to do this step.
 Fold the pieces wrong sides together and pin 2 1/2 inches up from the bottom.
 Fold the bag right sides together and stitch up the sides.
This is what it should look like before you stitch it.
Turn it right side out and the bottom on both sides should look like this.
 For the straps I cut three two inch strips from the sleeves.
 Pull the strips and they will start to curl.
 Stitch one end of the three strips together.  Braid--stitch the other end together.  Sew on to the inside of the front of the bag.
 Flip the flap closed and you have...
 A sweater messenger bag with a braided strap.
 With a flower of course.
This is an easy project.  If you use the fold of the fabric you would only have to sew two side seams and the straps on the purse.

P.S.  Happy Birthday Little Bro!

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