Dollar Store Ornament Wreath

This is another one of those projects that I've had floating in my head for a bit.  
 I didn't want to make it until I knew that I could make it for a great price.  Yesterday I went to the dollar store and to Michael's.
I found these tubes of ornaments for $1--I know it's a dollar store.  I bought 7 of them, yes I used 84 ornaments--and I had 6 more ornaments that matched--So 90 ornaments total.
I bought the wreath at Michaels, technically it was free because I had a $5 gift card from my black Friday purchases.  If the Dollar Store had had the straw wreath I would have bought it there.
Wrap the wreath in a ribbon.  I almost stopped here because I think it looks so simple and beautiful.  But I didn't stop, I hot glued the ornaments on one by one.  This step obviously took the longest because I had to hold the ornaments on the sides so they would not fall off, until the glue set.  To make it look and lay better I took off the metal hook things on the top of each ornament.
 There are three different sizes of ornaments, all the same color though.  The monogrammed letter is made out of bells, this was purchased at Michael's--it was free for me because of the gift cards--it was only $2 or $3
I love the green door and the red wreath.

Dollar Store Ornament Wreath:

P.S. My hubby liked it too.


AliLilly said...

I love it!!! Great Job! :)

Angie said...

Very cute!

PartyMom said...

I love the single color wreath! I did the same with multiple colors (posting it soon!)...it really did take TONS of ornaments to cover that little wreath form!

Manderley said...

It's beautiful, I love it!

The Autocrat: Haley said...

I love yours!! Great job!

Abby said...


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